Friday the 13th   7/22/14
by weeman
The remaining two, a random guy and that woman who was once in The Mentalist (this film doesn't deserve me looking up the names of the actors or even the characters, since I can sum them up by their standout cliche) stumble across Jason as well.

Leaving Las Vegas   8/28/13
by weeman
For this is a terrific film, led impeccably by permanently frazzled Nicolas Cage, and the moral centre of the film, Elisabeth Shue.

The World's End   8/08/13
by weeman
This feeling of isolation resonates throughout all three films, Shaun of the Dead with the zombie apocalypse, Hot Fuzz with village life being cover for a more macabre exercise, and now The World's End, where visiting old adolescent haunts gives way to the invasion of the very human race.

Lethal Weapon   7/30/13
by weeman
Yes, the plot is very weak, the bad guys are the most generic kind of bad guys you can get, and the pacing of the film is all wrong, leaving little time for its conclusion.

Bio-Dome   7/25/13
by weeman
Look away now Pauly Shore fans (I'm sure even Pauly Shore fans hated this), because the film was....

The Watch   7/21/13
by weeman
Of course, I speak not of the Italian progressive rock band with the same name, but the film, The Watch starring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughan, Jonah Hill (why does he still take garbage like this?) and, new to the Hollywood arena, Richard Ayoade, from the British sitcom, The I.T.

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