The Great Raid   3/20/10
by thracian dawg
One of the reasons this film caught my eye was the director; John Dahl specializes in ticking clock neo noirs and I was more than little curious what the Dahlian touch was going to do with a period war film.

Farewell   3/20/10
by thracian dawg
A nice visual quote from the Nina's pop hit: 99 red balloons "I think of you and let it go" And there's also a telling film clip from a John Ford film that echoes Vetrov's unknown hero status.

She's Out of My League   3/17/10
by thracian dawg
Rom com with a few chuckles, if you're interested in a light, low brow comedy, but this is rental material.

Green Zone   3/13/10
by thracian dawg
A solid actioneer, but not enough depth or suspence to merit an upgrade into the thriller genre.

Detour   3/10/10
by thracian dawg
Detour was a low budget quickie that was shot in only six days, but it's oddness, inconsistency and continuity goofs only add to the film.

Fish Tank   3/07/10
by thracian dawg
The story is bleak, since the chances of a happy ending are extremely remote and preordained.

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