Mademoiselle   4/09/19
by thracian dawg
The school teacher says that Manou has the most beautiful blue eyes she has ever seen, but this being a black and white film well just have to take her word for it.

The File on Thelma Jordon   4/26/18
by thracian dawg
The film has been mislabeled as a film noir; instead, this is a tragic love story of two shooting stars that criss-cross in the night, but who are already trapped in dead-end trajectories with partners who will never love them back.

The Hit   4/11/18
by thracian dawg
Over the film, Braddock develops Myron as his alibi and the very public face to the whole operation; in the gas station scene, this was Myron just being Myron.

Her   1/23/14
by thracian dawg
The film is set in the future but interestingly, precious little is revealed about that future (although the fact Theodore lives in a million dollar apartment, we can assume voice recognition has rendered the vast majority of people functionally illiterate, and the remaining ones only have enough of...

Inside Llewyn Davis   1/02/14
by thracian dawg
On the surface, the film appears morose and desperate (all Llewyn's songs seem to be about death or dying) but like ticking money bombs that have the time to travel all around the world for weeks and months on end before detonating; the film is actually filled with hitting it "big" moments.

Café de Flore   11/23/13
by thracian dawg
The film does a wonderful bit of sleight of hand almost immediately, setting up Antoine (Kevin Parent) as the globe trotting DJ who can't help but radiate joy and inspire happiness in others; but the protagonist of the film is actually his ex-wife Carole (H ne Florent)

12 Years a Slave   11/07/13
by thracian dawg
He would be lynched immediately if it was discovered he knew how to read and write, so once Platt learns the external modes of dissembling and shucking (there's a scene in the film where he gives a master class in this) the real work begins; the internal process of becoming inured to his own circums...

Captain Phillips   10/24/13
by thracian dawg
Whatever the budgets be for these lumbering widgets they call films: whether 80 mill; 100 mill; or 120 million dollars per film, the end product is usually the same, they all have about the same caloric equivalent of a day old twinkie.

On the Job   10/08/13
by thracian dawg
As a director of so called "women's" film; Nicole Holofcener's films may not have enough car chases and gun battles to warrant the attention of most film viewers, but her small roster of movies is pretty decent: Enough Said; Please Give; Friends with Money; Lovely & Amazing; and Walking and Talking.

Farewell, My Queen   9/30/13
by thracian dawg
Two primes for the film; literally within the opening seconds of the film the average French viewer has already skipped ahead in the story and is anticipating a lot of the gruesome details.

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