Shortbus   11/23/06
by thmilin
So when Mitchell had his actors have real sex he introduced all kinds of complications that I feel were noticeable in the movie - sometimes it seemed people were concentrating on having the sex for the camera so it didn't seem quite as believable as if it were the real deal.

The Break-Up   6/07/06
by thmilin
It was just badly put together, the director had no sense of what comedy really is, and didn't sell it, didn't hit the mark. There are some laughs, but they're far outweighed by negative or sometimes just awkward/boring scenes.

Stick It   5/14/06
by thmilin
A good "Bend It Like Beckham"-esque bit of sportsgirl fluff that quivers on the verge of finding heart but ends up slightly more on the silly and sappy side.

Silent Hill   4/22/06
by thmilin
This movie swerved dramatically in the details and some key elements of the plot of the game. It suffers a lot because of that, but squeaks by into "worth watching" status...

Dave Chappelle's Block Party   3/20/06
by thmilin
It's honest poetry and musical virtuosity mixing together, caucasians blending with blacks, comedians and musicians loving the music but loving the music more than for the tribal connection.

She's the Man   3/20/06
by thmilin
There are a lot of things that don't compute well, but if you're looking for a couple laughs, some nice shots of boys with hot bods in locker rooms, this is your "waste brain cells and veg out" flick.

V for Vendetta   3/20/06
by thmilin
It's basically a social commentary told in a style that might remind you vaguely of Tim Burton's Batman mixed with X-Men. Ie, the capacity for a dark, rich story based in myth that verges on the superficial and overdone. But, thought provoking, interesting, will instigate discussions and exclamations afterward.

Dave Chappelle's Block Party   3/10/06
by thmilin
The movie will stand the test of time far longer than Half-Baked. I'm not saying the film is genius, I'm simply saying it is a love letter to black culture, black history, black politics, black music, black people. By a black comedian, and the black musical artists he admires and feels a kinship with.

Mr. And Mrs. Smith   6/14/05
by thmilin
Charming, cheeky, and poking fun at itself, the movie also actually follows an underlying plot line that questions modern male/female, wife/husband, and female/society issues...

Closer   12/10/04
by thmilin
It was trying to access how people treat one another when they THINK it's love they know and are after, but in the end, it's all a selfish idea of love.

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