Buried   1/24/11
by spudracer
What I thought was funny, was that my wife made the following comment within the first five minutes of me turning the movie on, "So, he's just stuck in a box?

The A-Team   12/17/10
by spudracer
Story wise, it was a well thought out (fitting of an A-Team mission) type of story.

TRON: Legacy   12/17/10
by spudracer
...the film is fast-paced and very good, up until Sam's entrance into The Grid ... Of course, it doesn't stop dead in its tracks after this; it just plods along and at one point, stops dead in its tracks.

The Other Guys   12/15/10
by spudracer
This movie, however, had elements which seemed to be forced, at times.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World   12/04/10
by spudracer
Going into this, I wasn't expecting a masterpiece, but I also wasn't expecting what I saw.

Cloverfield   8/15/09
by spudracer
One of the first mainstream movies where the entire movie is shot by one of the characters, which doesn't make Cloverfield original in that aspect.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra   8/09/09
by spudracer
If you like things like bad acting, unrealistic effects and a means for merchandising at every turn, this might just be your movie.

Fast & Furious   8/03/09
by spudracer
Most of the time, if I want to drool over cars I'll never own, I'll tune into one of the Fast and Furious films when they're on cable.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen   6/24/09
by spudracer
Michael Bay is not known for making films rich in story, so in the end, you're really going to see huge robots battle each other throughout different continents.

Fanboys   6/21/09
by spudracer
Anyone familiar with the story of Fanboys and its rocky road to the theatre, know that this movie has been in limbo for a couple of years.

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