Hard to Be a God   8/10/18
by re93animator
The dialogue feels like a multi-directional bombardment from a batsh*t ensemble, and much of it seems inserted simply to weird out the viewer.

The Sentinel   2/26/18
by re93animator
Once our protagonist begins to settle into her new quarters, she encounters a blind old priest who stares out of a window all day, and some fun eccentrics who love animals and communal masturbation, respectively.

Metropolis   10/15/17
by re93animator
So, its been considered historically significant for a long time, and then a sizable chunk of new footage was uncovered a decade ago.

Enter the Void   8/01/17
by re93animator
Many seem repelled by pornographic content in features, but the more exploitative bits are fitting here, at least insofar as portraying a sexually warped vision from a weaselly, sleep-deprived-looking mofo (I really like No hough ).

I Am Cuba   5/22/17
by re93animator
The movie ends with beautiful rural Cuba being bombarded, while men are driven out of their serenity to take up arms.

Los Olvidados   5/22/17
by re93animator
Overall, theres a glimpse of positivity, but the movie seems to take pride in showing an unabashedly harsh outlook that was less than common for cinema of the time.

Woman in the Moon   5/10/17
by re93animator
The tacky subplots building up to the real focus of the movie are pretty cheesy and monotonous.

Nirvana   4/30/17
by re93animator
The real world looks more cyber-y; the virtual world looks phoned in.

The Mediator   4/24/17
by re93animator
Politically, the movie seems critical of the Soviet collective state philosophy.

Flash Gordon   4/22/17
by re93animator
Also, picking a favorite voice in this movie is like picking a favorite child.

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