Maggie   6/25/17
by mattiasflgrtll6
It's pretty obvious Maggie's not gonna be quarantined, but the movie tries to convince you that could, could happen.

Paper Towns   4/28/17
by mattiasflgrtll6
It's about an ending which makes sense and feels right in the context of the movie.

Get Out   4/22/17
by mattiasflgrtll6
And how the family tried to act educated and socially aware while still coming off as pretty damn racist since they are still guilty of racial profiling was pretty clever.

Prom Night III: The Last Kiss   3/25/17
by mattiasflgrtll6
And it honestly could have been a lot worse (thank God I chuckled enough that it in parts made up for the poor writing), but to someone who loves the first two movies it's pretty disrespectful in a way.

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II   3/18/17
by mattiasflgrtll6
If just the first half hour was handled better (the opening scene was great, but after that it took a pretty long while before it picked back up), but most horror movies have their flaws.

The Pledge   3/04/17
by mattiasflgrtll6
The Crossing Guard was a little bit slow too, but it felt justified for the kind of movie it is.

Hair   2/24/17
by mattiasflgrtll6
I never thought I'd find a movie which would seriously battle with Bugsy Malone for which one has the best ones, but this did it!

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