The Mangler   10/27/17
by mattiasflgrtll6
After all the horrible ordeal Sherry has gone through with that godawful machine, she not only goes back to work almost instantly, but gets highly rated by the company and gets to yell at the workers themselves.

Amityville II: The Possession   8/27/17
by mattiasflgrtll6
There are some inconsistencies here with what we've seen before, being that the priest can go back several times and try to give the house his blessing again (granted he's failing, but he doesn't become sick), while the previous priest couldn't even talk on the phone after a while since it was having so much influence on him.

Hells Angels on Wheels   7/22/17
by mattiasflgrtll6
The budget is noticably pretty low, but it works to the movie's advantage since it adds to the "rough 'n tough" feeling it's going for.

Maggie   6/25/17
by mattiasflgrtll6
But it also makes the movie feel dragged out, with some scenes hitting a dramatic high point but then not really doing anything with it.

Paper Towns   4/28/17
by mattiasflgrtll6
It's about an ending which makes sense and feels right in the context of the movie.

Get Out   4/22/17
by mattiasflgrtll6
It made sense in the context of the movie.

Prom Night III: The Last Kiss   3/25/17
by mattiasflgrtll6
The things that work about this movie work against it at the same time.

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II   3/18/17
by mattiasflgrtll6
If just the first half hour was handled better (the opening scene was great, but after that it took a pretty long while before it picked back up), but most horror movies have their flaws.

The Pledge   3/04/17
by mattiasflgrtll6
But this movie starts off as a straight-up mystery thriller, and stays that way for at least an hour.

Hair   2/24/17
by mattiasflgrtll6
I never thought I'd find a movie which would seriously battle with Bugsy Malone for which one has the best ones, but this did it!

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