Schindler's List   1/08/08
by mark f
I find the film to be told in almost an entirely fresh way, as the story builds, from a series of brief scenes about people who we don't know at all, into a world of flesh-and-blood characters who are just trying to survive a horrible situation.

Tears of the Black Tiger   12/02/07
by mark f
The director uses many stylistic devices, including painted backdrops (see above), colored filters, and computer technology to sometimes drain the film of its color or other times to add in pastels.

Lost Horizon   12/01/07
by mark f
Either that or blow off one of the most unique films ever nominated for a Best Film Oscar.

Joe   11/27/07
by mark f
The film is, by turns, dated and prescient; racist and satirical; low-budget and high-inspiration; amateurish and well-made; shocking and thought-provoking; hokey and mind-blowing.

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