Miss Julie   1/02/18
by mark f
Mullan plays the more-enigmatic Jean and finds a middle ground for him because you're never really sure if he's just being a bastard or truly cares for Miss Julie and is trapped outside his class and will never be able to rise above it.

The Gods Must Be Crazy   1/02/18
by mark f
As I said above, it's still very entertaining, but maybe younger audiences just won't get it or be able to get into it.

Through a Glass Darkly   1/01/18
by mark f
For me those would be the scene with the voices coming through the cracks in the wall and the possible arrival of Karin's God in that second-story room near the film's climax.

Barbarosa   1/01/18
by mark f
Willie Nelson is great as Barbarosa, a bandit who married into a Mexican family but was immediately cast out and has been hunted by that family for about 20 years.

Manos: The Hands of Fate   1/01/18
by mark f
The film needed much more of the "Brides" in their underwear attacking each other for it to be worth watching for even camp value, but when the "Surprise Ending" shows up (if you can figure it out), you'll be happy that the movie is over, even if the closing song is worth a few laughs.

Kiss Me Deadly   1/01/18
by mark f
In fact, the conclusion of this film is probably the main reason to watch it, although you will certainly be scratching your head long before that, but discussing what the ending means to all the characters is probably the most-fun-and-entertaining thing to do after watching this Looney Tune of a flick.

Logan's Run   1/01/18
by mark f
Thinking about this even more, it does seem to have some strong political overtones throughout the entire film.

The T.A.M.I. Show   1/01/18
by mark f
They played at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (near Los Angeles) and were filmed in "Electronovision".

The Blue Max   1/01/18
by mark f
Ursula Andress was such a fox, and she spent most of the film sleeping with all the male cast, but nowadays, it would probably get a PG.

Story of a Love Affair   1/01/18
by mark f
Antonioni is considered the Master of Silence and what's unsaid in a film, yet this film is non-stop dialogue, even though much of it is repetitive and unnecessary.

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