2001: A Space Odyssey   1/15/21
by mark f
Within the film are all kinds of other messages, including a mistrust of technology and governments and the fact that a single human being seems to be more important than all the technology in the world, even if you believe that human being to be incredibly boring.

The Shining   1/14/21
by mark f
Kubrick eventually cut about three minutes, mostly at the end (which didn't really seem to be nearly as important as things like how Scatman Crothers has the "shining" and knows that something bad will happen, yet he has no idea it will happen to him!!

Vertigo   1/13/21
by mark f
Vertigo is the kind of film which demands multiple viewings to "get into it", and then eventually you discover that the film is thematically-rich, not only in the way people behave in a relationship but how directors/scripters use their actors and how films use their viewers.

Citizen Kane   1/13/21
by mark f
It's only in the film's final moments, after we've seen Kane at his most-selfish-and-despotic, that Rosebud returns as something important to show that the man may truly have been just a child at heart.

Blade Runner   1/13/21
by mark f
I realize the film has gone through changes and the narration has always been a problem for many viewers, but I don't seem to think the narration changes the way I feel about the film very much.

Apocalypse Now   1/13/21
by mark f
Many of the film's staunchest defenders deny there's anything imperfect about it or if there is, it's supposed to be there and they love it.

Lawrence of Arabia   1/12/21
by mark f
The film paints its characters as very flawed (but most are understandable) and the story is rather unpredictable, sorta like the viewer is a grain of sand blown by the desert wind.

Once Upon A Time In The West   1/10/21
by mark f
I have had something of a love/hate relationship with this film since I first saw it.

A Clockwork Orange   1/09/21
by mark f
I know many people who love the first part of the film but say that the next section (the point of the film) is "boring".

12 Angry Men   1/07/21
by mark f
As far as I'm concerned, the strongest scene in the film the first time I watched it remains the most memorable one to me still: the scene where Juror #8 produces the knife.

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