Kong: Skull Island   9/12/17
by dadgumblah
It's this fresh take on the story of Skull Island that helps make the movie seem newer than other Kong movies.

Hell or High Water   9/06/17
by dadgumblah
The action is spread throughout the movie with the various bank robberies, a fight that occurs when a couple of young punks stupidly taunt one of the brothers at a convenience store, and car chases as the brothers speed out of town.

Mystic River   9/03/17
by dadgumblah
But in this movie, it's Penn's performance that really anchors this movie for me.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them   8/27/17
by dadgumblah
But when the Congress and the President of MACUSA are not interested in Tina's arrest of Newt due to something serious and mysterious happening on a major level in New York, Tina is left with Newt in her custody.

The Babadook   8/13/17
by dadgumblah
The movie slowly turns the screws from her son being annoying to me fearing for his safety from the mother.

Monster's Ball   8/09/17
by dadgumblah
In the movie, Billy Bob Thornton plays a racist prison guard who works on Death Row, and Heath Ledger is his sensitive son who has started to work with his father.

Doctor Strange   8/07/17
by dadgumblah
I realize that there is a conflict going on with movie fans, some of who are growing tired of being bombarded with CGI effects in movies, while others don't mind it.

Deliverance   8/03/17
by dadgumblah
Perfectly photographed and edited, excellently acted and tightly directed, this is one of Boorman's best movies, and in my opinion, one of the best movies ever made.

Wise Blood   7/24/17
by dadgumblah
Despite the name of Hazel's church, the movie is really not about that, but about his relationships with all the people who come into his orbit and his reaction to them.

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