Dunkirk   8/06/18
by dadgumblah
There are many stunning vistas caught on screen, including the massive amounts of men lining the long pier known as The Mole while they await their rescue; aerial dogfights that seem a bit more realistic that the average movie plane fights, showing how difficult it is to get an enemy plane in your g...

A Quiet Place   7/13/18
by dadgumblah
But the film is pretty much stolen by the young, real-life deaf actress, Millicent Simmonds, who plays Krasinski and Blunt's deaf daughter in the film.

Avengers: Infinity War   5/04/18
by dadgumblah
Rocket being called a rabbit; Star-Lord being jealous, in a very amusing way, of his crew oohing-and-aahing over a unconscious Thor's super-masculine form; Peter Parker and his gee-whiz, semi-innocent remarks and pop culture callbacks to help him and his friends out; Tony Stark fumbling a bit in Doc...

Black Panther   4/17/18
by dadgumblah
Everyone has a beginning but not every character in the Marvel canon gets a trio of movies or a stand-alone movie where their background is introduced.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle   4/02/18
by dadgumblah
The nerd becomes Dwayne Johnson's macho character, the shy pretty girl becomes the knockout beauty and badass fighter played by Karen Gillan, the football player becomes Dwayne Johnson's sidekick helper, played by Kevin Hart, and most funnily, the vain girl becomes Jack Black, a map expert.

Thor: Ragnarok   3/18/18
by dadgumblah
From the first Thor film to this one (with Avengers films in-between), Hemsworth has really come a long way in his role as Thor.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri   3/03/18
by dadgumblah
An impeccable cast where every role adds to the overall scope of the movie and nothing is wasted.

The Mummy   2/27/18
by dadgumblah
There were varying complaints, from "this is a movie about Tom Cruise, not the mummy," to "this is just an action movie disguised as a mummy movie."

The Girl with All the Gifts   1/30/18
by dadgumblah
Truly exceptional zombie (or zombie-like, if you prefer) movie, with good characters and depth instead of a an all-out munch fest, which I don't mind either.

John Wick: Chapter Two   1/06/18
by dadgumblah
After settling business held over from the last movie, John is visited by former underworld associate who calls in a marker (this one being a blood pledge) on John to do a favor for him.

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