Bye Bye Birdie   9/11/11
by ash_is_the_gal
The episode in question shows the copywriting team of Sterling Cooper sitting around a table watching the opening scene with Anne Margaret, who "looks 25 and acts 14" dancing about with her shrill voice and apple-cheeked face.

My Brilliant Career   9/08/11
by ash_is_the_gal
This opening scenes sets up the rest of the movie, basically.

Rocky   6/23/11
by ash_is_the_gal
i think one of my favorite scenes is when Mick shows up at Rocky's door offering to train him after he turned him down before, and the way Rocky shouts him down the street after.

Beauty and the Beast   6/07/11
by ash_is_the_gal
having only been familiar with Disney's version of Beauty and the Beast up to this point, i have to say i was thrilled to bits that a movie like this exists.

Fitzcarraldo   5/25/11
by ash_is_the_gal
Klaus Kinski, who plays Fitzcarraldo, is at the top of his game in this role, but the really unique thing about this movie is how you can feel that Herzog literally is Fitzcarraldo, as it is painfully obvious that Herzog was more concerned with putting his vision on screen, much like Fitzcarraldo himself.

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