Girlhood   8/17/15
by ash_is_the_gal
Marime's world would probably seem outdated to the typical American audience of today - in Marime's world, a girl can't have sex with a boy she likes lest she disgrace her whole family, though the young boys can pretty much do whatever and whoever they want.

Barbarella   8/11/15
by ash_is_the_gal
Surely, some of it clearly must be (the earthling-styled sex, for example, is similar to the sex that takes places in Demolition Man where there's never any actual physical contact because "it's too dangerous" and the scene that takes place from this is obviously very tongue in cheek).

Starry Eyes   8/10/15
by ash_is_the_gal
As we follow the story of Sarah, a young starlet/part-time waitress at a Hooters-esque diner, desperate to make it in Hollywood, we can feel her desperation and deep desire to break out of her failed attempts as she travels from audition to audition, hoping to finally catch her big break.

The Pact   8/09/15
by ash_is_the_gal
This film sticks close to the rules, but manages to lift itself above mediocrity with a surprising narrative and some genuinely creepy imagery, all soaked in a creepy atmosphere that just doesn't seem to want to leave.

Project Nim   1/01/12
by ash_is_the_gal
It was around this time that Herb began to run out of funding for his project, and coincidentally enough it was also around this time that Herbert Terrace admits to the world that his experiment had failed - not because he ran out of funding or because of any action on his part, but simply because he decided that all the signs Nim learned didn't really prove that Nim was communicating at all, but merely mimicking his teachers, and the only communication Nim would really take part in were instinctive ones to get him what he wanted (apple me eat, drink me Nim, for example).

Midnight in Paris   12/27/11
by ash_is_the_gal
I don't think it's as simple as, "I hate Woody Allen films because his characters are pretentious and unrealistic or annoying and ridiculous" - I have a large amount of suspension of disbelief, and I can often get lost in the story telling or suspense or beautiful imagery so that any other qualms I might have would melt away.

Poetry   12/18/11
by ash_is_the_gal
A lot of tragedy and tumultuous happenstances take place in Mija's life over the course of the film.

We Need to Talk About Kevin   12/15/11
by ash_is_the_gal
Told mainly in hindsight, the story unfolds through snippets of memories Tilda Swinton is Eva, a young newlywed who gives birth to a son she names Kevin.

Terms of Endearment   10/08/11
by ash_is_the_gal
The people in this film were awful.

Lovers of the Arctic Circle   9/22/11
by ash_is_the_gal
The most interesting thing about this movie is that it's told through both of the children's point of view, so after watching one scene, it'd immediately start over again but this time with a different voice over in a sort of Run Lola Run-esque way.

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