The Revenant   5/18/18
by aronisred
Every shot in the movie screams 100 million $.In a way the weak story which is void both thematically and emotionally is covered and wrapped in a 100 million $ well shot and directed movie.

Revenge   5/18/18
by aronisred
Most of the movies that are so-called classics are made by men.So we don't even have a scale to compare them with movies by female filmmakers.But this movie would give classics of the rape revenge sub-genre a run for their money.

Gold   5/17/18
by aronisred
In movies like these the lead character at the center of this storm need to be the one driving the narrative and not be a pawn.Every absurd thing that happens in wolf of wall street is driven by Jordan Belfort but not so much in this movie.

The 13th Warrior   5/17/18
by aronisred
There are only few IPs worth investing multi hundred millions into.So studios were forced to invest into the ideas of successful directors and writers and movie stars.Michael Crichton following the success of Jurassic Park wanted to make a movie based on his book eaters of the dead.He was able to assemble John McTiernan(Director of Die hard and Predator) to helm the project and also Crichton wanted to have some input on the project.

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