Sleep Dealer   11/05/11
by akatemple
Memo is contacted by a guilt ridden man who turns out to be the controller of the weapon that killed his father, the man is seeking redemption so they start planning the next move together.

The Ninth Configuration   11/05/11
by akatemple
The film has many confrontations between Kane and Cutshaw.

Sukiyaki Western Django   11/05/11
by akatemple
Takashi Mike (Audition, Ichi the Killer, 13 Assassins) does a great job of Directing this Japanese take on the classic spaghetti western, the title actually refers to a classic Japanese dish called Sukiyaki, and Sergio Corbuccis spaghetti western film Django.

Heavenly Creatures   11/05/11
by akatemple
I really enjoyed this movie a lot which kind of surprised me as I am not the biggest fan of Kate Winslet, so I was very pleasantly surprised by her acting in this movie which I believe was her first actual film.

Good Neighbours   10/20/11
by akatemple
I said at the beginning that the movie starts out slow but in truth the whole movie is slow and I found myself still waiting for things to happen. Might make for a rental if you really love Indie films and cats.

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