The Football Factory   1/06/12
by akatemple
I watched Green Street Hooligans a while back and when I started this film I immediately was reminded of it, the main difference in my opinion was Green Street Hooligans was more of a youthful thing whereas The Football Factory is more grown up and older people that are involved in these firms.

Feast   1/05/12
by akatemple
We start off with a lot of blood (always a good beginning), an amputation and a couple of people get shot by accident, wow these people that it just spent the first bit of the movie taking all the trouble to introduce are starting to drop like flies already, also and I dont consider this a spoiler s...

The Horseman   1/02/12
by akatemple
This is a fairly low budget movie, you can tell because of the way they filmed the torture and fighting scenes, it worked for this movie because it left more to your imagination.

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame   12/28/11
by akatemple
Very weird murders start happening where people start catching fire and burning from the inside out, Wu Zetian is forced to bring in the best detective even though he is in prison for treason because he was against Wu becoming Empress.

The Man from Earth   12/26/11
by akatemple
Not with the best judgment he starts to propose a topic of a person starting off as a caveman and not dying, what would that person experience and how would that affect everything.

Dumplings   12/25/11
by akatemple
The ending is disturbing (not that the rest of the movie isnt) and has a twist ending that I thought was good and fitting for the movie.

Harsh Times   12/19/11
by akatemple
I really liked this movie I thought it was great acting by Christian Bale and especially Freddy Rodriguez.

Before the Fall   12/17/11
by akatemple
This was a good movie and a good story but the world is coming to an end and they only bring it up at the beginning of the movie, so I think it just goes without saying that the ending to this movie sucks and just leaves you wanting to know more

Colossus: The Forbin Project   12/15/11
by akatemple
I thought this was a really good movie, considering that this film came out in 1970 it seems like maybe this was a catalyst for the Terminator or Matrix films, in that the system created by humans surpasses its programming and reaches the point of self realization, and basically making humans its bi...

Red Cliff   12/14/11
by akatemple
I was disappointed but I watched it again anyways because it is just the kind of Epic Asian film with huge battles that I love, when you are watching this you might think that this was a movie written by Sun Tzu the famous writer of the Art of War (500 BC), this movie is all about military battle pl...

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