The Last Airbender   7/09/10
by Yoda
As the film opens, the Avatar is missing and the Fire Nation is attempting to subdue the other nations through force.

June 17th, 1994   6/28/10
by Yoda
Championships won and battled for, legendary careers coming to an emotional end, and the world's strongest nation hosting the largest prize of the world's most popular sport.

Toy Story 3   6/22/10
by Yoda
The eleven-year gap between Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 has given fans of the original films time to grow up.

The Road   6/14/10
by Yoda
As horrific as the events in The Road are, the film is punctuated by equally agonizing flashbacks, to a time just before all hope had been lost.

Iron Man 2   5/25/10
by Yoda
James Rhodes, who finds his way into one of Stark's prototype suits often enough that the film could have been called Iron Men.

Date Night   5/11/10
by Yoda
The marriage, forgive the pun, of genuinely talented leads with a genuinely forgettable concept works well, with Fey and Carrell making the film their own, and the well-tread concept broadening their appeal more often than it limits it.

Cold Souls   4/02/10
by Yoda
Whether or not this is a stroke of genius or a missed opportunity will depend on your perspective, though it's worth noting that if one were to substitute Giamatti's soul for anything of sentimental value to him, the film wouldn't be much different.

How to Train Your Dragon   3/31/10
by Yoda
There are only a handful of ways these kinds of films can unfold, but How to Train Your Dragon manages to keep its story fresh with little innovations and brilliant visuals.

Avatar   12/18/09
by Yoda
The build-up to Jake's first session inside an Avatar is the most deftly handled part of the film.

Fantastic Mr. Fox   12/12/09
by Yoda
Though it generally deals with less serious issues than most of Anderson's films, his trademark style is all over the production, and it compliments the story well.

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