Avengers: Infinity War   4/28/18
by Watch_Tower
Spider-Man and the X-Men, Marvel's two biggest comic properties were in the hands of rivals, so they would have to build the box office success on lesser known heroes, Iron Man, Captain America and company.

The Disaster Artist   1/16/18
by Watch_Tower
When James Franco decided to make a movie about the most famous bad movie of them all, I expected something subversive, funny yet subtle, delving into the mind of Tommy Wiseau (the mind behind The Room), sadly The Disaster Artist is none of those things.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi   12/20/17
by Watch_Tower
The opening sequence may be one of the best ever in the series, a fine space battle which also helps set up the rest of the story and a new character.

Foxcatcher   12/30/14
by Watch_Tower
So here I was, not having written a review for a very long time, when I watched Foxcatcher and boy, is it the type of movie I want to tell everyone about, so here goes:

The Dark Knight Rises   8/25/12
by Watch_Tower
All in all, The Dark Knight Rises doesn't have the heart of Begins or the grand ambition of The Dark Knight but it is nonetheless a big, fun summer blockbuster...if you manage to turn off your brain. Unusual of a Nolan film but very typical of modern Hollywood.

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