Ganja & Hess   6/18/13
by Used Future
Ganja & Hess (Bill Gunn, 1973) Commissioned to make a low budget blaxploitation vampire film to cash in on the success of Blacula (a hugely enjoyable genre piece that would usher in a sequel, as well as the likes of Abby, Backenstein, Dr.

Report to the Commissioner   5/14/13
by Used Future
Effectively edited in a flash back style that begins with Lockley's post shootout interrogation, before taking us through prior events, and culminating in a sweaty elevator standoff between Lockley and The Stick (pictured); whilst half the New York police department wait to gun down whoever emerges first.

No Blade of Grass   8/14/12
by Used Future
Curiously however Cornel Wilde's film adaptation is equally evocative of Ray Milland's post-nuke adventure Panic In The Year Zero (1962); a film unofficially based on Ward Moore's short stories Lot (1953), and Lot's Daughter (1954).

Twisted Nerve   3/28/12
by Used Future
Twisted Nerve (Roy Boulting, 1968) One of the most controversial British films of the late sixties; Twisted Nerve was banished to virtual obscurity thanks to it's spurious scientific links between the siblings of Downs Syndrome children (a condition unfortunately referred to as Mongolism in the film) and psychosis.

Pretty Poison   2/26/12
by Used Future
The film manages to remain ambiguous regarding Sue Ann's true nature, whilst maintaining audience sympathy for Perkins' troubled character.

Targets   2/26/12
by Used Future
Whilst the director is best known for period rites of passage classics like The Last Picture Show (the film he made next), and Paper Moon; I find it odd that Targets doesn't garner more of a mention from fans of cult horror cinema - especially considering the perfect casting of Boris Karloff in his final screen appearance...

The Super Inframan   3/02/11
by Used Future
* I'd also like to mention that whilst I usually make a point of watching all foreign language films with subtitles.

Stone   3/01/11
by Used Future
As a huge fan of Miller's film this got me more than a little curious, as not only is Stone considered a minor classic of the 'biker movie' sub-genre, but also features two cast members from Mad Max; namely Roger Ward (unrecognisable in a small role) and most notably the wonderful Hugh Keays-Byrne (better known as villainous biker leader Toecutter from Miller's flick).

Harry Brown   11/13/09
by Used Future
Most notably there's the skunk growing gutter trash who sell Harry the inevitable hand guns, a hoodie who films the murder on his mobile phone, and the repellent irresponsible mother of vicious gang leader Noel (excellently played by Ben Drew).

Chopping Mall   10/24/09
by Used Future
Where Chopping Mall redeems it's self is with the knowing in-joke film references sprinkled throughout the film.

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