Prince of the City   11/24/20
by Torgo
NYPD Detective Daniel Ciello (Treat Williams) learns this the hard way in Sidney Lumet's solid police corruption epic.

Madhouse   11/18/20
by Torgo
There are scenes that celebrate Toombes' career and one where he's on a talk show, and as a bonus, they feature clips of actual Vincent Price movies like The Raven and The Masque of the Red Death.

The Wanderers   11/11/20
by Torgo
Despite these moments, the movie still manages to be joyful and funny without ever coming across as tonally inconsistent, the highlights being any of the Wanderers' interactions with the Baldies and whenever Richie and his long-suffering girlfriend Despie (The Sopranos' Toni Kalem) are together.

48 Hrs.   11/09/20
by Torgo
Not only an anti-buddy cop movie, but also a one crazy night movie, well...two crazy nights - look at the title - we follow the pair as they comb San Francisco for a fugitive and former accomplice of Hammond's, James Remar's very ruthless (and sullen) Ganz.

A Futile and Stupid Gesture   11/02/20
by Torgo
Starting with his time at the Harvard Lampoon and ending with his untimely death, it has all of the scenes you have seen many times in movies like it such as the montage of the magazine's rise to glory, Kenney meeting his wife and later committing infidelity, the dramatic breakup between best friend...

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight   10/26/20
by Torgo
Despite being rough around the edges, horror movie lovers are bound to enjoy it, as is anyone who enjoys movies set in one location, bottle episodes or any other visual content that feeds on claustrophobia.

Theatre of Blood   10/25/20
by Torgo
Regardless, as this fan attests, the movie is just as much as a present to those who love Price's work.

The Watcher in the Woods   10/24/20
by Torgo
The movie was originally much longer and it shows in a way that's typical of other heavily-cut movies: I don't feel like it properly introduces the main characters.

Dagon   10/20/20
by Torgo
Not to mention, if you also enjoy Gordon's movies for their laughs as much as their scares, you'll find them here, especially during a scene with a not-so-responsive innkeeper and the reveal of Uxia's...umm...condition.

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