The Counterfeiters   11/12/07
by Thursday Next
This framing device is significant, because as Saloman sips champagne pensively alone at a table and thinks back on his time in the camps, it is almost as if this is the first time he has allowed himself to think back and reflect on what has happened to him.

Downfall   11/02/07
by Thursday Next
Downfall is an important film in that it is a German film about German history and in that it shows us Nazis as human beings.

Taboo   9/16/07
by Thursday Next
If this review is more questions than facts or even opinion, it is because the film itself is more about questions than answers, more about mystery and beauty than plot or character.

The Death of Mr. Lazarescu   9/04/07
by Thursday Next
It is not an easy film to watch, certainly, at times it is quite dull, although you are never in doubt that this is entirely deliberate.

Head-On   8/30/07
by Thursday Next
This is not just the best German film ever made, it is one of the best films ever made anywhere in the world.

Jude   8/29/07
by Thursday Next
In the end, the biggest problem with the film is simply the story itself.

Red Road   8/28/07
by Thursday Next
It isn’t perfect, but it is extremely powerful, and a more than promising debut from a director to watch in the future.

The Leather Boys   8/25/07
by Thursday Next
There is nothing extraordinary about this film, but the way it blends moments of tenderness and the characters' youthful hopes with moments of bleakness which makes it compelling.

Oldboy   8/24/07
by Thursday Next
To sum up, a work of quite dizzying brilliance.

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