The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog   12/01/22
by Thunderbolt
Hitchcock uses many experimental methods including a false perspex floor to show the suspicious lodger pacing around his room above the family below, who fear their tenant as the killer.

Scarlet Street   11/18/22
by Thunderbolt
Chriss love of painting soon becomes apparent and Kitty and her abusive fianc se his artwork signed by Kitty to make a buck.

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot   6/29/20
by Thunderbolt
Some may find Jeff Bridges character over the top early on in the film but as the plot thickens, he starts to crumble under pressure and becomes more down to earth.

K-PAX   6/11/20
by Thunderbolt
Jeff Bridges is at his usual best and Kevin Spacey is very convincing as Prot in this Drama/Mystery/Sci-Fi.

Crossroads   6/08/20
by Thunderbolt
At boarding school he is studying classical guitar but his obsession is with the blues.

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives   6/07/20
by Thunderbolt
After Allen is killed by Jason, Tommy rushes back to Crystal Lake (now called Forest Green) to warn the police what has happened.

Best Laid Plans   6/04/20
by Thunderbolt
Much later, Bryce urgently calls Nick for help explaining that hes had to restrain Lissa.

Blackmail   6/03/20
by Thunderbolt
It doesnt have the most complex of plots, but its one of Hitchcocks first (other than The Lodger) suspense thrillers.

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