Thunderbolt and Lightfoot   6/29/20
by Thunderbolt
Enter Jeff Bridges as Lightfoot who has just stolen a car and helps Thunderbolt to escape from his pursuers.

K-PAX   6/11/20
by Thunderbolt
With a good script and great performances from the lead characters, K-PAX is one of those films that gets you thinking long after its over.

Crossroads   6/08/20
by Thunderbolt
After breaking Willie out of a nursing home, the two take off on a cross country journey from New York to Mississippi as Eugene searches for fame along the way.

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives   6/07/20
by Thunderbolt
Directed by Tom McLoughlin this is the movie Friday the 13th fans had been waiting for after the disappointment of Friday the 13th part 5 A New Beginning.

Best Laid Plans   6/04/20
by Thunderbolt
Much later, Bryce urgently calls Nick for help explaining that hes had to restrain Lissa.

Blackmail   6/03/20
by Thunderbolt
It doesnt have the most complex of plots, but its one of Hitchcocks first (other than The Lodger) suspense thrillers.

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