Barry Lyndon   4/20/21
by Thief
Barry Lyndon (Ryan O'Neal) is, by all means, an insignificant person, that fights in insignificant skirmishes during the war, and gets involved in insignificant romances.

La dolce vita   4/18/21
by Thief
At the end of the film, Marcello doesn't seem to be any more closer to finding out about his life as he was at the beginning of the film, but he does seem to be more at peace with just not knowing where "the sweet life" will lead him.

The Day of the Jackal   4/14/21
by Thief
Much like the Jackal himself, there is a cold and distant approach to the film from director Fred Zinnemann, but for the most part it works.

Mank   4/12/21
by Thief
Much like the subject of the film, Mank is a technically sound film with lots of things on his favor, but an ultimately spotty script and a distant direction that just doesn't let the viewer get in its drift; particularly if you're not familiar with the context and backstory.

Under the Shadow   4/12/21
by Thief
I still have some issues with the climatic encounter, and I feel the film does lack a more concrete ending, but I still think the film is a pretty effective psychological thriller that can succeed in creating fear and anxiety.

The Secret in Their Eyes   4/08/21
by Thief
I do think that the film is perhaps 10-20 minutes too long, and my cynical self thinks that the epilogue wasn't entirely necessary, but the truth is that after 2+ hours of following this characters as they keep going over the past, it was earned to see them move on and look forward to a future.

Hard Times   4/07/21
by Thief
Like Chaney, there's a simplicity to the film that I think works to its advantage.

The Omen   4/06/21
by Thief
Watching this film as a kid, I ended up memorizing that verse.

Another Round   4/06/21
by Thief
A film nominated for a Best Picture or Best Int'l Feature Film this year

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!   4/04/21
by Thief
This is only my second Meyer film, so I'm by no means an expert, but it does seem to include the two ingredients that he's mostly known for: voluptuous women and edgy violence.

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