Midnight Special   4/23/16
by TheMaster
One thing that should be mentioned is not only Michael Shannon's performance, which is as good as a Michael Shannon performance gets, the young Jaeden Lieberher puts in a heart-rendering performance as Alton, the young boy with much more going on than what's led to believe at first.

Hardcore Henry   4/12/16
by TheMaster
If you think Hard-Boiled (or any John Woo film for that matter) or Die Hard, or literally any action film you think can't be topped, well from here on out the bar has been set to Manhattan skyscraper level, and that film is called Hardcore Henry.

Blancanieves   4/12/16
by TheMaster
Besides the wonderful muted acting and the score driving this film along, without Pablo Berger's deft hand at beauty and knowing a beautiful shot from a slightly less-beautiful shot, this film would've failed tremendously.

Blue Jasmine   4/12/16
by TheMaster
When Woody Allen dedicates his time to make a great film, he doesn't just make it great, he makes it thoroughly brilliant.

Kill Your Darlings   4/07/16
by TheMaster
This is a true story and for people who know a thing or two about these men going into it, they know that DeHaan's character murders a man for reasons I'm not even too sure as to why.

A Separation   4/06/16
by TheMaster
This story could've been another film about two people, not so amicably, divorcing but instead tells an original story that I'm sure will linger with you for weeks to come.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford   4/05/16
by TheMaster
The one complaint I have for this film may not even be a dig at the film itself, but what the American mentality was after Jesse James was killed.

Martha Marcy May Marlene   4/04/16
by TheMaster
The paranoia that builds from the early moments of Elizabeth Olsen's character escaping the cult permeate throughout the whole flick, a strong element of the film that requires no disinterested, negative comment, because I truly felt the paranoia that Martha did (in part because of Olsen's wonderful...

The Babadook   4/03/16
by TheMaster
Since the day this film was released, it set a bar so high, It'll be hard to film anything scarier than this.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice   3/31/16
by TheMaster
His skillful directing in each of these films show themselves sporadically throughout this film.

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