The Revenant   6/26/16
by The Rodent
The movie starts out pretty exciting with an Indian attack, then theres the bear attack then the movie kinda stalls for 90-110 minutes, with loads of speeches and random scenes of talking about death and the harshness of life in the early 1800s, with Hardys actions pitted against DiCaprios constant ...

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens   4/20/16
by The Rodent
We had 2 major battles at the end of this film instead of 3 but the choreography, mixed with the way the movie gets you to care, or hate, the characters involved makes the movie stand strong next to the other movies that came before it.

The Martian   3/18/16
by The Rodent
We see NASA and its top tier people all clambering for an explanation and trying to keep the media happy and form a rescue plan at the same time, Matt Damon on Mars doing his survival thing, the crew of the ship doing their own thing to figure out how they can help its pieced together nicely, apart ...

Real Steel   1/22/16
by The Rodent
Real Steel is so simple, and yet so already-seen-before in the scripting stakes yet so connective between the viewer and the characters and their story it actually makes the movie so much more than a basic CGI fest or actioner.

Poltergeist   12/07/15
by The Rodent
Its as though the filmmakers wanted to get straight into the big stuff as quickly as possible, and sadly it destroys any credibility and atmosphere that the movie could have had, and, even sadder is that it destroys what was potentially a pretty atmospheric and spooky movie.

The Babadook   11/06/15
by The Rodent
Whats also highly apparent with the movie as it progresses is the change in character that Amelia and Samuel go through.

Jurassic World   10/19/15
by The Rodent
This movie is very busy, but in a very good way, with little hints and nods to what weve seen before, original concepts from Crichtons book/s, original concepts of its own, and loads of interesting characters who are actually pretty well written and acted for a movie that was originally called a bra...

Warrior   9/21/15
by The Rodent
The third act of this movie had my heart pounding and my hands shaking from start to end.

Napoleon Dynamite   8/03/15
by The Rodent
This movie really revolves around characters and acting.

Godzilla   7/20/15
by The Rodent
The other part of the movie, well, the main part of the movie, is the human side of it all.

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