Taxi Driver   7/10/10
by The Prestige
He isn't quite KKK calibre, but there is a sense of him looking for an easy scapegoat and Scorsese films these scenes with uncomfortable close up shots of DeNiro's angry face looking down on the ethnic minorities.

A History of Violence   6/27/10
by The Prestige
BUT THEN..I did what I often do with most films I watch..I watched it again, and I have to say that never before have I done a bigger U Turn on a film than I did with Violence.

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul   6/23/10
by The Prestige
Fassbinder himself pops up in the film as Emmi's very racist son in law.

Heat   6/21/10
by The Prestige
Heat is, as epic a film I have ever scene if I had to answer 'what's the most epic film i've ever seen'.

A Clockwork Orange   12/20/09
by The Prestige
Kubrick reportedly banned his own film in the UK from being seen after a short release because there were copycat killings and rapings in which the film was being scapegoated for, which of course is stupid as any gangster film brought out in that period could have easily have been blamed for influen...

The Matrix   4/29/09
by The Prestige
Now known as the last great film before the new millennium (and what a way to end the previous century), The Matrix is one of those films where anything and everything comes together.

The Dark Knight   4/26/09
by The Prestige
From the blistering Michael Mannerism of the opening sequence to the nail biting and frankly goose bumping conclusion, [I]The Dark Knight[/I] is presented as a piece of work to be reckoned with.

The Prestige   4/26/09
by The Prestige
And in 2006, no film felt more theatrical and operatic than this thought provoking, spellbinding mystery drama based on the Christopher Priest novel of the same name.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford   4/18/09
by The Prestige
Dominik spent 2 years of his life getting the film made the way he wanted it to and all that tenacity paid off because in the end we have an arthouse film, devoid of pretentiousness yet rich with authorship and a filmmakers pride.

Unforgiven   4/12/09
by The Prestige
The film deconstructs the western and it's mythos and, when you really think about it, was a very brave and risky project for Eastwood to take back then.

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