Black Panther   2/19/18
by The Gunslinger45
Given that the Black Panther has a predominantly Black cast and a Black director, the much-anticipated film is being looked at in two lights.

The Promise   4/25/17
by The Gunslinger45
MGM began pre-production on the film but eventually the studio caved and halted the film when the Turkish Ambassador Mehmet Munir Ertegun got the US State Department involved and threatened a worldwide campaign against the film.

Perfect Blue   4/03/17
by The Gunslinger45
In all honesty this film has not only given me a greater respect for Anime as a whole and what it can do, but I now count Perfect Blue as among my top 50 favorite films.

Kong: Skull Island   3/14/17
by The Gunslinger45
I grew up on Godzilla movies, I watched a few Gamera flicks, Mighty Joe Young, and I watched a bunch of King Kong movies.

The Great Wall   2/27/17
by The Gunslinger45
From the French Lumiere Brothers helping launch film with one of the first movie cameras, to DW Griffith and Eisenstein leading the way to the foundation of film grammar, to the rise of Golden Age Hollywood which gave us John Ford who influenced Kurosawa, to the French New Wave being influenced by F...

Silence   1/16/17
by The Gunslinger45
The themes of the film is pure Scorsese and it felt visually I was watching a lost film Akira Kurosawa movie.

End of Watch   10/09/16
by The Gunslinger45
I watch a patrol cop movie for an hour and fifty minutes that in the context of the film lasts months and not ONE call where a wife, husband, baby daddy, boyfriend, girlfriend, or homosexual lover are fighting and someone has laid hands on one another?

Yoga Hosers   8/31/16
by The Gunslinger45
If you like movies that are tongue in cheek: We all have seen movies that are over the top and ridiculous.

Deadpool   2/15/16
by The Gunslinger45
If you like the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies or are a fan of the X-Men movie franchise then odds are you will like this movie.

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi   1/19/16
by The Gunslinger45
While I really liked this movie, Bay has to make a lot more of these kinds of movies to wash away the stain of a lot of his other crappy movies.

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