The Nines   8/14/08
by The Gnat
They are generally good characters, but there is really a need to have a little bit more variety, I feel, in the characters that they play, just because of the difference between the chapters of the film and the differences of the settings.

Tropic Thunder   8/14/08
by The Gnat
It provides a lot of laughs and is definitely worth the money to see it in theaters.

Prom Night   8/08/08
by The Gnat
Overall this is a good example of where horror should start to progress back towards.

Bad Santa   8/07/08
by The Gnat
Overall this is an above average crude comedy that has a good number of good laughs in it.

Pineapple Express   8/07/08
by The Gnat
Overall this is a good comedy film. It doesn't use overdone jokes to get its laughs and it doesn't only use pot jokes to make people laugh.

Doom   8/05/08
by The Gnat
There is some decent action in parts to it. I can't really recommend the movie for anything more then that, and there are definitely better purely action films out there.

The Spiderwick Chronicles   8/02/08
by The Gnat
The story moves pretty well through the film, it is set in a very limited amount of time, possibly two to three days at the most, but it seems like it needs more time then that to develop the characters.

Cruel Intentions   7/24/08
by The Gnat
The manipulation that takes place is interesting and in some ways worth seeing.

WarGames   7/24/08
by The Gnat
Overall this is a film that needs to be enjoyed now on a simpler level then what people would look at it before.

The Senator Was Indiscreet   7/22/08
by The Gnat
Most political films now could take a look at this film as to how to make a good political film without forcing an agenda down the viewers throat.

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