Chan Is Missing   5/22/22
by Takoma11
Jo becomes the central character as the film goes on, and through his investigations, he comes to reflect on what it means to be Chinese-American, even noting that his desire for the mystery to have a neat solution is an American trait, and that if he were "Chinese enough" he would be able to accept...

Dazed and Confused   5/22/22
by Takoma11
Despite some big moments like the car chases, a brawl, and a sequence of the freshmen boys getting revenge on O'Bannion, I most enjoyed some of the smaller moments like the symbolism of an empty keg, a moment of awkward flirting between Julie and Mitch, or some gentle sparks flying between a senior ...

Keyhole   5/21/22
by Takoma11
All of the actors do a good job of navigating the dialogue and finding the right tone for the strangeness, not letting their characters get lost in a mess of quirks which could have been an easy downfall of the film.

Maniac   5/17/22
by Takoma11
The film switches pretty capably between Frank's point of view and that of his victims, and it's a nice way to manage building empathy for the lead character without dismissing the pain, fear, and suffering of his victims.

Shoeshine   5/16/22
by Takoma11
All through the film the white horse--a beautiful animal purchased by the boys after the robbery--serves as a none-too-subtle image of hope.

Nightmare Alley   5/14/22
by Takoma11
Early in the film, a character remarks that a mind-reader doesn't actually have to work that hard to read someone---people are desperate to show themselves to you.

The Northman   5/14/22
by Takoma11
An enjoyable film, but one that frustrates with what feels like oodles of untapped potential.

Just Before Dawn   5/14/22
by Takoma11
The most effective aspect of the film is the way that the killer and the woods combine to create an atmosphere of constant hostility.

Horror Express   5/13/22
by Takoma11
Not just in the design of the creature itself, but in the way that the killings were filmed.

The Corruption of Chris Miller   5/12/22
by Takoma11
The gaze of the film lands almost equally on all three leads, and surprisingly the character of Barney is the one whose body is most on display, both as a way of conveying a threat (as when he intentionally exposes himself to Ruth when she finds him sleeping in their barn) and demonstrating the phys...

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