Stalker   2/03/21
by Skepsis93
Its clear that Tarkovsky intended this film to be an intensely personal experience for each individual that takes the leap into this almost 3-hour long spiritual journey, whose modest plot follows three men as they venture into the mysterious Zone, in search of a Room which supposedly has the power ...

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind   4/18/13
by Skepsis93
It's about two years now since I started looking at film in a new light, the beginning of a passion that has lasted me until now and shows no signs of slowing down, and it started with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Super   4/16/13
by Skepsis93
It's hard for me to write about it in the same way I've written about the other films on my list because I know the reasons I love it so much are far from universal.

The Savages   4/13/13
by Skepsis93
The Savages is the perfect platform to showcase this energy, a character-driven film about real people in a very real situation.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King   4/11/13
by Skepsis93
I really believe that this trilogy is the closest any film or series of films has gotten to manifesting the definition of that intangible idea known as "movie magic".

American Beauty   4/10/13
by Skepsis93
Something about the juxtaposition between those opening lines and what we know from that, and Lester's emotional ascent lends the film a blackly comic atmosphere, something made only better by an excellent soundtrack and a sleek visual style.

Lost in Translation   4/07/13
by Skepsis93
Simply put, an incredibly heartfelt, impeccably acted and directed, bittersweet yet uplifting film that blows me away every time I see it.

Lawrence of Arabia   4/05/13
by Skepsis93
As I mentioned, the look and feel of the film, the length and scale of the narrative provokes the use of the word but it's the complexity of its story, themes and characters that truly makes this an epic.

Singin' in the Rain   4/04/13
by Skepsis93
To that end not much is ever said about the narrative, but it's a lovely, simple one, a self-referential, somewhat meta one, a film about film, that allows for a lot of humour, as well as pathos, and sets up each musical number with a deft hand.

Back to the Future   4/03/13
by Skepsis93
It's the characters and the way they're brought to life by the cast that really makes this film, though.

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