Halloween (2007)   5/28/08
by Sir Toose
If you havenít seen it I think you should consider it as itís probably better than you think it is and serves as a tame but better introduction to Zombieís style than his own films which are decidedly and intentionally over the top.

Ghost World   4/07/08
by Sir Toose
In a nutshell, the film is about the awkward stage between childhood and adulthood and about the time when one realizes that he/she is largely responsible for how things will turn out.

Charles Manson, Superstar   4/05/08
by Sir Toose
In my years of research on this subject I donít think Iíve found a better depiction of who Charles Manson is and how he became Americaís nightmare.

Suspect Zero   4/04/08
by Sir Toose
If you like serial killer thrillers and wouldnít cringe at the idea of some paranormal events thrown into the mix, watch this one. It was definitely my kind of recipe.

The Mothman Prophecies   1/22/08
by Sir Toose
If you love a good spooky story that just might be true, try The Mothman Prophecies. If watched with an open mind I think itís a great way to introduce yourself to the events of Point Pleasant in the late 1960ís.

Orange County   1/21/08
by Sir Toose
Watch the film for its comedic value and then think about why it was funny. I bet you'll learn something about yourself. I certainly did.

The Last House on the Left   1/18/08
by Sir Toose
There will inevitably be those who say 'for the time, it was a good film'. To them, I would say it's not well planned, schlocky, sloppy trash with a few brief moments of shock.

The Exorcist III   1/12/08
by Sir Toose
Exorcist III is a prime example of what a horror film should be. The acting, cinematography and story all combine into a bone chilling tale of demonic possession and the ever fought battle between good and evil.

I Am Legend   1/07/08
by Sir Toose
In the end, I found myself pining for what this film could and should have been. The new Hollywood, in their rush to use CGI, seems to have forgotten that in order for a story to be truly powerful we, as humans, need to connect to both sides of a conflict.

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