Dark Water   8/10/15
by Sir Toose
in both of those cases I thought the Japanese renditions were the better of the films, but in the case of Dark Water I would have to go with Walter Salles' American release.

Ghost Story   1/07/15
by Sir Toose
Personally, I've always been a fan of the winter ghost tale (a la Dickens) and particularly a fan of ghost tales around the yule log.

Amityville II: The Possession   1/06/15
by Sir Toose
I found out later that the story was comprised of bits and pieces of 'The Amityville Horror', the film, the book, the phenomena.

The City of the Dead   5/05/14
by Sir Toose
Horror Hotel was one of the earlier films that attempted to twist the Salem Witch Trials into something altogether different than reported history...

Dementia 13   3/26/14
by Sir Toose
The film starts out as a mystery and quickly evolves into a damn good horror flick complete with an axe murdering psycho.

Black Sabbath   3/25/14
by Sir Toose
Rob Zombie (a Black Sabbath fan) followed suit and used another classic horror film name (White Zombie) for his band name.

Let's Scare Jessica to Death   3/25/14
by Sir Toose
Throughout the film, the watcher is never really sure which of these attributes is in play but it doesn't matter as it makes the film no less effective.

The Other   3/25/14
by Sir Toose
This is one of the first films I remember seeing with an absolutely chilling OMFG plot twist.

Feast of Death   10/28/10
by Sir Toose
Feast of Death is a fascinating look into the mind of James Ellroy. In the film, Ellroy travels into the places that shaped him as a person. Along with some LAPD friends of his, they go into a detailed investigation of his mother's death as well as a detailed investigation of the events surrounding the Black Dahlia case.

The Strangers   11/18/08
by Sir Toose
The Strangers at least tries to invoke some terror with crafty camera angles, great sound effects and the occasional ‘boo’ moments and it really does make a solid effort in setting the scene in a normal place and making the unfolding events feel like they could be happening to anyone.

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