Catch and Release   5/24/07
by Sexy Celebrity
So yeah, don't catch [i]Catch and Release[/i]. Catch the plague, first!

Batman & Robin   5/16/07
by Sexy Celebrity
Batman and Robin's conflicts also include whether Batman will trust Robin enough to handle himself well and stay alive whenever they're out fighting.

Firecracker   5/08/07
by Sexy Celebrity
Colorful carnival freaks or dark, small town nutty people freaks?

Boynton Beach Club   5/08/07
by Sexy Celebrity
Set in a little Florida community with lots of old people, we examine the folks who go to The Boynton Beach Bereavement Club.

Jesus Camp   4/30/07
by Sexy Celebrity
But to Becky Fischer, the director of this particular Jesus Camp for Kids, and the rest of the Nutter Butters, she's only overcome with strong emotion and devotion to want to heal the planet by becoming a personal warrior for Jesus Christ.

Blades of Glory   4/06/07
by Sexy Celebrity
So, yeah, I laughed here and there. But I really think my body was just trying to laugh at something. It was like a laugh trying to be a sneeze. Or is that a sneeze trying to be a laugh?

Let's Go to Prison   4/05/07
by Sexy Celebrity
Nothing really funny happens.

by Sexy Celebrity
Alright, it wasn't that terrible, but what was with the stupid doctors who appear in this movie?

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