Foe   1/12/24
by Sedai
There is still some stuff to unpack, and I did find myself thinking about the film's implications after I was done watching it, but the overreliance on the twist, which is borrowed pretty much wholesale from other, better films, keeps this from being great.

The Final Girls   2/15/16
by Sedai
There was also a surprisingly effective emotional component between Max and her Mom's character in the film, which adds a little more dimension to the plot and character development - this has the effect of elevating this film above stuff like the Scary Movie series, which relies solely on the satir...

Interstellar   3/16/15
by Sedai
One only need briefly scan the reviews on the internet before they find someone claiming the film is the best science fiction film in the past decade, while the next review might slay the film completely as overlong, tedious, melodramatic and several other critical issues that completely ruined the ...

Salem's Lot   10/02/14
by Sedai
When she mentioned it, I was on the fence in regards to watching, thinking that a TV miniseries from the 70s was probably going to look pretty long in the tooth these days.

King Kong   8/12/14
by Sedai
After watching both the original 1933 film and this remake, it seems like Peter Jackson was aiming to remake this film in 2005 more than the classic original, although Jackson did set his remake in the 30s, as he was more able to recreate the period with advanced CGI.

X-Men: Days of Future Past   5/27/14
by Sedai
After watching all the films close together, I worried a bit about continuity, because there were already some glaring holes when you considered all the other films together, but Singer et al.

Her   5/23/14
by Sedai
My favorite film is Blade Runner, and I like exploring the ideas presented in films of its type - speculative science fiction that breaks down existential ideology while also exploring the perceived limits of technology.

Melancholia   1/06/14
by Sedai
There is a ton of symbolism in this film, and the film makes little sense otherwise (and just don't pay any attention to the ridiculous science in the film) This fact bears down on her inexorably, like a gas giant hurtling through space on a collision course with her soul.

The Descent   10/16/13
by Sedai
Both character arcs are almost completely subverted by film's end, and the final confrontation is subtly acted and leaves the viewer feeling ambivalent about both characters; this fact alone pushes The Descent up above most horror films.

The Man From Earth   1/08/08
by Sedai
Intimate, interesting, and in many ways profound, this little-known gem is one of the better cerebral pieces I have run across in a while. Bravo to all involved.

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