The Kite Runner   10/12/17
by ScarletLion
The plot is based on an interesting tale and apparently a fine book which I've not read, but the film is reliant on obvious, manipulative ways to try and trigger audience emotions.

Beatriz at Dinner   8/24/17
by ScarletLion
At times, her personality in this film is so secluded it's almost creepy.

A Ghost Story   8/13/17
by ScarletLion
David Lowery's latest feels like a film that will be revered in 10 to 15 years time.

Okja   6/30/17
by ScarletLion
That said, it was an entertaining movie with a few laughs and a tear or 2, and although it didnt quite live up to my expectations, Id recommend it easily as one of the top films of 2017 so far.

Rabbit Hole   6/28/17
by ScarletLion
The main problem I had with the film is the lack of chemistry between Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart.

Ratcatcher   5/22/17
by ScarletLion
I can't say that downbeat films get to me, as if a film is good then it's good and I feel glad that I just watched a terrific film rather than "depressed" at it's content.

Notes on Blindness   5/04/17
by ScarletLion
I couldn't wait to splash down a few words about this film in the hope that just 1 or 2 people watch it as a result.

Krisha   4/07/17
by ScarletLion
Film school is clearly working in some part of the world.

The Salesman   3/06/17
by ScarletLion
It's an interesting revenge tale that intertwines Arthur Miller's play 'Death of a Salesman' with a similar real life quandry, and the resemblance of the play and the movie's plot is familiar, but not so similar that it causes the movie to lose focus.

The Double   2/24/17
by ScarletLion
It's about time Ayoade directed something else, I'm convinced he has at least 1 great film in him.

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