Ratcatcher   5/22/17
by ScarletLion
I can't say that downbeat films get to me, as if a film is good then it's good and I feel glad that I just watched a terrific film rather than "depressed" at it's content.

Notes on Blindness   5/04/17
by ScarletLion
The dreams he experiences and the way he describes them are beautiful bittersweet torture - as it is his only way of conjuring new images into his world, yet he wakes every morning crestfallen, as he remembers he cannot see, and they were just dreams.

Krisha   4/07/17
by ScarletLion
Film school is clearly working in some part of the world.

The Salesman   3/06/17
by ScarletLion
It's an interesting revenge tale that intertwines Arthur Miller's play 'Death of a Salesman' with a similar real life quandry, and the resemblance of the play and the movie's plot is familiar, but not so similar that it causes the movie to lose focus.

The Double   2/24/17
by ScarletLion
But that film (though not based on Dostoyevsky) was so much more engaging because it lured you into the mystery and made you want to find out why things were the way they were.

Like Father, Like Son   2/23/17
by ScarletLion
There are beautiful looking films and then there are just beautiful films.

Rififi   2/22/17
by ScarletLion
It may have borrowed certain aspects from 'The Asphalt Jungle', and the editing in some scenes is far from perfect, with some scenes cutting rather abruptly, but surely we can forgive that for a film that is over 60 years old.

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