The Devil's Rejects   10/30/08
by Sawman3
In all, you'll turn off Rejects feeling dirty. Of this, there is certainty. But I believe you'll also feel somehow elated, in the same awful way you feel elated after watching a terribly sad movie or a particularly violent fight.

Little Shop of Horrors   9/19/08
by Sawman3
All and all, Little Shop of Horrors is a neatly packaged, beautifully wrapped and presented cult musical masterpiece from Frank Oz. Cliche as it may be, I cannot avoid saying that this film has it all.

The Big Lebowski   9/15/08
by Sawman3
The biggest success of this film are the characters themselves, each with a unique personality and each, dare I say, perfectly cast.

Army of Darkness   9/09/08
by Sawman3
Don't watch it expecting anything deep, or anything scary, and be prepared for some excessive stupidity, but overall Army of Darkness is a cult masterpiece that really should not be missed.

Hamlet 2   9/03/08
by Sawman3
Hamlet 2 is one of the most disappointing films of 2008 so far.

Suicide Club - Manchmal lebt man lšnger als man denkt   8/28/08
by Sawman3
Besides its brilliant social commentary, Suicide Club is wonderfully creepy and disturbing.

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