Aliens vs Predator: Requiem   1/19/08
by Pyro Tramp
It's certainly an improvement on the first so gets my recommendation if you're even remotely interested in them but would further recommend waiting for an uncut version and definitely an alternative ending.

28 Weeks Later   5/14/07
by Pyro Tramp
[i]Weeks[/i] is a good zombie film, though not spectacular or as good as [i]Days[/i].

Inland Empire   3/22/07
by Pyro Tramp
Whether Lynch was trying for something similar to Warhol's [i]Empire[/i] is very possible, certainly through the length; and seeming false endings, leaving the viewer learning to not wait for the end but live the experience.

Internal Affairs   5/24/05
by Pyro Tramp
If anyone needs a starting point in Hong Kong cinema, then this is it. It's a fine example of a film that's neither comedy or martial arts, genres which most people associate with HK.

Gozu   4/27/05
by Pyro Tramp
The film is good, despite being slightly over ambitious and dragging in places.

The Bird People in China   4/08/05
by Pyro Tramp
If you've seen Auditon or Ichi the Killer, you probably wouldn't believe the same guy made this exsqusite film.

The Happiness of the Katakuris   12/21/04
by Pyro Tramp
I think for this film being so frighteningly unique alone makes it a must see. Saying that, its not for all, but a sure treat for those who do see it.

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