Resident Evil: Extinction   7/31/12
by PeterVincent
But when the climax began and the villain starts to leap out of his character and into some kind of generic videogame boss, as per usual in the Resident Evil films, I began to lose interest and brain cells.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse   7/31/12
by PeterVincent
There is not one single thing about this movie I can honestly say is good, the plot is bizarre, the characters are generic stereotypes (especially the gangster character), Alice gets the most forced and obscure subplot ever, the zombies become boring fast (5 minutes of zombie entertainment at most) ...

Resident Evil   7/31/12
by PeterVincent
Overall Resident Evil is a dreadful mess and probably should be avoided unless you really want to watch a horrible attempt at a video game film, it's not the worst movie I have ever seen, but that doesn't change the fact that it is a bad movie.

Fright Night   7/30/12
by PeterVincent
The film has more cheese than a Joel Schumacher movie, and yet manages to entertain from start to finish.

The Amazing Spider-Man   7/30/12
by PeterVincent
The films tagline is 'The Untold Story' and right from the start you can tell that this is the same story with only a few minor adjustments, and the movie knows this.

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