Thor: The Dark World   11/02/13
by PeterVincent
Although it struggles massively in the first act, Thor's second venture manages to proves itself worthy via it's second and third act.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters   9/21/13
by PeterVincent
And if director Thor Freudenthal knows anything other than CGI chipmunks, wimpy children and having a hard-on for blue backlighting (evident continuously in this film, but never truly distracting), it's how to stay true to the feel of the novel, whilst not completely enraging fans anymore than the f...

Kick-Ass 2   9/18/13
by PeterVincent
The first film is one of my favourite flicks in the whole world, it was a perfect combination of satire, action, and humour plus I always found the film incredibly inspiring (primarily due to the score and direction from the ingenious Matthew Vaughn).

R.I.P.D.   9/14/13
by PeterVincent
Speaking of wafflebrains, that's exactly what I must be to have enjoyed this film, and I don't regret it, because even reflecting on it now I have a fondness of it.

The World's End   8/03/13
by PeterVincent
The films little epilogue almost ruins it, and it ends incredibly abruptly, but, I suppose they just wanted The World's End to be it's own film, and not a farewell to two other films.

The Wolverine   7/26/13
by PeterVincent
Simply ask my brother (of whom I saw the film with), for I was yelping and squirming for poor ol' Wolverine, as very often it actually looked like our hero might get killed off or mortally wounded.

Star Trek Into Darkness   5/10/13
by PeterVincent
Star Trek Into Darkness successfully follows up where the last film left off, with a fresh new Kirk at the helm of the Enterprise...but was he really ready to command the ship?

Iron Man 3   4/29/13
by PeterVincent
2) A weaker Tony Stark - In this film Tony Stark is brought unto his weakest point, & whilst it isn't handled as well as it could have been, seeing him struggle to take out bad guys with half an Iron Man suit on was so tense & bada$$ that I was squealing with delight...literally, a guy looked at me ...

Cloud Atlas   3/02/13
by PeterVincent
The story I didn't enjoy in the novel (Sloosha's Crossin') ended up being one of my favourites in the film (you can thank Tom Hank's fantastic performance and Hugo Weaving saying the words; 'Piece of ass').

Stolen   2/09/13
by PeterVincent
Nicolas Cage brings his charisma and a much calmer performance than usual and helps pull a film I can probably call a guilty pleasure.

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