A Perfect Couple   8/30/23
I say love, but the first time I watched A Perfect Couple I thought Sheila hated Paul - and watching Paul's pushy insistence he see Sheila off at her door and kiss her made me very uncomfortable.

Quintet   8/24/23
Yes, watching Quintet inevitably leads to a feeling of anticlimax, and although sticking around to really get a good feel of it has lead to some appreciation of the artistry involved (the ever-trusty Leon Ericksen, who had been with Altman since 1969 film That Cold Day in the Park, was once again a ...

A Wedding   8/19/23
It's a relatively well-known story that Altman decided to make A Wedding when an off-the-cuff remark about him filming people's weddings ("What are you filming next?"

Minding the Gap   7/15/23
This was a really great film about domestic violence and family trouble - one that speaks to a 21st Century audience.

Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.   6/29/23
A short warning before we see the footage might offer some of us animal lovers a chance to choose whether we watch it or not, but I guess if we're watching a film about execution methods and the Holocaust that was made in the '90s Morris may assume that we have the constitution to handle it.

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters   6/25/23
In the meantime, this documentary sets his challenger, Steve Wiebe, up as a working class, down on his luck, regular Joe - out of work and for some reason playing Donkey Kong all day instead of looking for a job, though the film does show him teaching later in the film, and he's apparently now a mat...

Capturing the Friedmans   6/24/23
It's riveting stuff, with one jaw-dropping revelation after another - but in some quarters his film is judged harshly by those who believe that Arnold and Jesse are guilty of the worst kind of crimes imaginable.

A Hero   6/23/23
He won 9 various international film awards (not counting those the film won for itself) for A Hero, and the film found itself on the shortlist for foreign language features to be nominated for an Oscar, falling at the last hurdle.

Days of Heaven   6/08/23
It wouldn't come as any surprise to learn that this is a film which features a great deal of narration - I don't know of many Terrence Malick films that don't, but what is surprising is that this narration, delivered by a young Linda Manz, wasn't initially planned for before the film entered the edi...

Herod's Law   5/18/23
Once they knew what they had on their hands, the Mexican Film Institute, run by the government, tried to hold back it's release and limit the number of theaters it was shown in, but this had the unintended effect of making Mexicans even more curious about it, so in the end the film was left alone an...

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