A Man for All Seasons   5/11/24
So, what we eventually find wrapped in the 16th Century tapestry of this Fred Zinnemann film is a profile in courage - a man, Sir Thomas More (Paul Scofield), who steadfastly refuses to condone the way King Henry VIII (Robert Shaw) goes about trying to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon and t...

There Will Be Blood   5/07/24
Earlier in the film it was Eli who was claiming that he was the third revelation, pretending to heal illness and cast out disease through the power God was giving him - but in the end this turns out to be empty rhetoric, and Plainview exercises real, incontrovertible power that man is depending on.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre   5/02/24
Although the film itself would miss out on a Best Picture win despite being nominated, it won for Best Director (John Huston) and Best Screenplay (John Huston) - which are wins people usually say indicate that it should have won Best Picture (that went to Laurence Olivier's Hamlet.)

Mona Lisa   5/01/24
I just kind of endured it - I was expecting to hear the song 'Mona Lisa', and it always went through my head when I thought of what this film might be like.

Le Cercle Rouge   2/23/24
The jazzy style is easily amplified when our characters step into the nightclub the film spends moments in, with the very nice visual element of dancers adding spectacle that gives a little feel of how so many heist films have that connection to nightlife, drinking and cabaret.

Red Rock West   2/22/24
It has something of a Western flavour to it as well, and includes many a country & western song on it's soundtrack - the end credits playing Dwight Yoakam semi-hit "1,000 Miles from Nowhere", while also having him play a small part in the film - his first appearance in a feature.

Tightrope   2/17/24
There were too many Clint Eastwood films during the 1970s that veered quite hard in a misogynistic direction - to the detriment of the films, making them hard to enjoy.

Shallow Grave   2/16/24
The scene where two thugs are dunking a poor man's head in a bath full of water has the neat feature of showing us his face from deep within the tub, which must have taken all kinds of effort to set up and film, from within what must have been a mock-up tub with a lot of depth to it.

Body Heat   2/13/24
William Hurt was in another neo-noir film the same year this came out, Eyewitness - in 1981 - and had been put forward as a sex symbol in 1980 film Altered States as the masculine Dr.

Sin City   2/10/24
I find Sin City to be an interesting, direct descendant of classic film noir - with private detectives, cops, femme fatales and conspiracies all mixed together in the back alleys, rainy streets and dark nights these tales usually play out in.

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