The Thing   4/07/17
by Optimus
I did feel like this movie rushed along a little to quickly, and i thought some of the characters could of been explored a little better, but it's a horror movie so what do you expect; their pretty much just bait anyway.

Stephen King's It   4/04/17
by Optimus
It probably doesn't help watching this movie for the first time nearly 30 years after it's release, but i honestly didn't like much about this movie at all.

Kong: Skull Island   3/28/17
by Optimus
What i also liked about this movie; and it's something i think Gunslinger mentioned in his review thread, was the movie felt like a Vietnam War movie.

Commando   3/14/17
by Optimus
Watching this movie again i couldn't help but laugh at how bad the cast and their performances actually are.

King Kong   3/12/17
by Optimus
I only watched this movie again so my little boy could watch it before we go to the cinema to watch Skull Island, but he lost interest straight away, and i had to skip through the movie till the action started.

Never Back Down   3/10/17
by Optimus
Again the cast are your typical teen movie cast.

Deep Blue Sea   3/09/17
by Optimus
My movie highlight was of course watching Samuel L Jackson give his big motivational speech, only to then watch a huge shark jump out of the water and rip him apart.

Jurassic Park III   2/23/17
by Optimus
Sure, they looked way worse than they did in the previous Jurassic Park movies, but it's still always great to see the dinosaurs - even if the movie was garbage.

Die Hard: With a Vengeance   2/22/17
by Optimus
My movie highlight as with all the Die Hard movies was John McClane.

Jaws   11/06/16
by Optimus
Jaws is a movie with a case of what you don't see can scare you, and horror movies have been trying to accomplish what Jaws did ever since ( failing miserably).

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