Speed   8/07/22
by Omnizoa
Numerous little touches also help elevate this movie too, from a passenger shooting the driver believing Reeves is trying to get him, Sandra Bullock being on the bus because her license was revoked for speeding, the guts to kill Dumb and Dumberer when he's supposed to be on light duty, and even afte...

Platoon   8/07/22
by Omnizoa
I realize that I'm perhaps biased because this song maybe wasn't too frequently sampled prior to Platoon, but even accepting that it is WAY too repetitive for any music track in a movie and I cannot think of another movie I've seen that has run a single song into the ground so many times as Platoon ...

Saving Private Ryan   8/06/22
by Omnizoa
Other than my personal discomfort with the knife scene, I think only two brief moments out of the whole movie could have been done better: 1.) is Matt Damon whinging in the fetal position at the end of the movie, (that just seemed out of character and unintentionally silly) and 2.) the moment where ...

Godzilla vs. Kong   7/24/22
by Omnizoa
The movie pads out it's runtime by trying to prove insinuations in the previous movie that in this universe, Hollow Earth is real, and is the ultimate origin of all Kaiju.

Shin Godzilla   7/24/22
by Omnizoa
The twist at the end that shows people sprouting from Godzilla's tail makes no sense (I think they mentioned earlier he has a bunch of human DNA for some reason?), and there's a Japanese-American character who's supposed to be a politician planning to become the US President at some point, but she's...

Godzilla: King of the Monsters   7/21/22
by Omnizoa
Ken Watanabe has a much bigger and more respectable role in this movie, he's clearly very biased in favor of defending the monsters from military strikes, but by the end of the movie he sacrifices himself to nuke Godzilla even though I don't think it's ever made clear that the characters have realiz...

Godzilla   7/21/22
by Omnizoa
Watching these two movies side by side without having any attachment to the original monster movie left me with the extremely unpopular opinion that the 1998 Godzilla was the better movie.

Snipers   6/21/22
by Omnizoa
Which is great because this movie delivers far better on the action, pacing, and even technical aspects of sniper warfare than the other movies I've seen (and skipped).

The Wall   6/21/22
by Omnizoa
The movie doesn't feel like it progresses in any meaningful respect even compared to other relatively minimalist survival movies.

Bridge of Spies   6/20/22
by Omnizoa
Entire interesting movies have been made just about one court battle, but this movie decided to cram in two and a prisoner exchange on top of it.

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