Non-Stop   12/27/19
by Omnizoa
A handful of clues lead Neeson's character to suspect multiple people on the plane, and there are obvious attempts to subvert audience expectations by emphasizing a conspicuous token Muslim character, but past all the twists all conspiring to condemn Neeson as the apparent hijacker to all observers ...

Colorful   12/25/19
by Omnizoa
We find out that his "selfish" brother suddenly decided to pursue a career in medicine immediately after Main Guy's suicide attempt, we find out Dad [insert some forgettable thing that redeems his honestly untarnished character], and we find out Mom was already grieving over her own mother's death w...

Avengers: Endgame   12/23/19
by Omnizoa
Thor begins and ends the movie as an unattractive fat ****, because that's what I wanted one of the main characters to devolve into for this movie, a shut-in with a beer belly who literally plays Fortnite...

It   11/25/19
by Omnizoa
Now, I really like Tim Curry, and it's hard to outdo Tim Curry doing Tim Curry, but for the purposes of this movie, I think the new Pennywise was a far better monster.

The Garden of Words   7/02/19
by Omnizoa
*SPOILERS* I hate conventional romance movies, the stereotypical hollywood romance movie with all of it's cliches is arguably less tolerable than the stereotypical hollywood horror movie.

The Fool   6/30/19
by Omnizoa
After we've lamented on the fact that times are tough and Main Guy and Main Guy's Dad are decent despite all disincentives, Main Guy receives the call alerting him to the collapsing building.

Enemy at the Gates   6/30/19
by Omnizoa
Jewish Guy catching this affection offhand and deciding to turn his propaganda around into a scathing indictment of Main Guy to such an extent that we'd expect Main Guy to be arrested and executed on this information, seems like it would be a big turning point in the movie, but it's never resolved a...

Hardcore Henry   6/15/19
by Omnizoa
It might have been one thing if this movie tried to thrive on constant brutal intensity which movies like Speed and Fury Road did so well, it even sits itself up in this manner, literally telling Henry that he'll die in 20 minutes just as the movie begins to rev up, but that conflict is shortly reso...

A Silent Voice   5/20/19
by Omnizoa
From what little we've seen and know about these two characters' relationship, Main Guy's mother is already fearing of Deaf Girl's mother, because she had to apologize and pay for her son's bullying years before, and Deaf Girl's mother until only recently hated Main Guy's guts, and yet she's the one...

Avengers: Infinity War   5/16/19
by Omnizoa
Just having seen the first movie is enough to cement him as a threat and that major characters can die in this movie, and that's no great farce, Loki isn't sacrificed for a mere hook, Thanos kills multiple major characters throughout the movie, death is real insofar as he wills it.

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