The Wolf of Wall Street   9/11/21
by Omnizoa
I can't help but think back to Catch Me If You Can, which was another movie in which Leonardo DiCaprio plays a conman, and that movie was so much more enjoyable.

The Andromeda Strain   8/06/21
by Omnizoa
I'd also like to credit this movie with the amount of thought it put into it's multi-tiered sterilization procedure, from blasting the characters with radiation, killing their outer layer of skin, burning their clothes, and even putting them on a diet before giving them robot arms to play with.

Mercury Rising   8/03/21
by Omnizoa
I think they're confusing the habit of kids who easily get distracted by staring off into space and maybe mumbling to themselves, just constantly busy with a pre-existing thought, as the movie even suggests, but the acting is just this kid silently staring fixed into the upper left corner of his vis...

Enemy of the State   7/10/21
by Omnizoa
*SPOILERS* It's been a while since I've done a review, and in all honesty this isn't the first movie I've seen that I've failed to stop by and review, nor is it the first movie lent to me by this co-worker that I could have reviewed.

Non-Stop   12/27/19
by Omnizoa
The Big Bad even explains how public bloodshed and martyrdom is the only way to create change and the movie repeatedly references 9/11, apparently failing to realize not even an event like that apparently managed to beef up security enough to make a difference to this movie's villains.

Colorful   12/25/19
by Omnizoa
Critical as may sound, I didn't hate the movie, and it's nowhere near as frustrating as other movies I've seen, but perhaps that's because I wasn't invested and the movie's pretty slow, rather than an onslaught of contrivances and stupid characters competing against each other for a Darwin Award.

Avengers: Endgame   12/23/19
by Omnizoa
Thor begins and ends the movie as an unattractive fat ****, because that's what I wanted one of the main characters to devolve into for this movie, a shut-in with a beer belly who literally plays Fortnite...

It   11/25/19
by Omnizoa
Creepy, yes, but I didn't get that insufferable horror vibe I get from most horror movies, which is to this movies credit, I feel.

The Garden of Words   7/02/19
by Omnizoa
*SPOILERS* I hate conventional romance movies, the stereotypical hollywood romance movie with all of it's cliches is arguably less tolerable than the stereotypical hollywood horror movie.

The Fool   6/30/19
by Omnizoa
After we've lamented on the fact that times are tough and Main Guy and Main Guy's Dad are decent despite all disincentives, Main Guy receives the call alerting him to the collapsing building.

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