Another Earth   8/07/23
by Omnizoa
This leads Main Girl to give Main Guy the ticket she wins in the lotto and after he leaves with it we timeskip to the reveal that Main Girl 2 traveled to see Main Girl 1.

Coherence   8/07/23
by Omnizoa
The main point of contention here is that there is one scene where Girl #4A snogs Guy #1A, and Girl #3A witnesses it and informs Girl #1A whose married(?) to Guy #1A so Girl #1A gets upset and confronts Guy #1A, but discovers that Guy #1B is not in fact Guy #1A because Guy #1B did not snog Girl #4A,...

Citizen Kane   8/06/23
by Omnizoa
Also it is widely held by movie critics to be the greatest movie ever made in the history of movies, so automatically I have to like it too, right?

Forrest Gump   8/01/23
by Omnizoa
That he extends this sympathy that few people have shown him which he otherwise hasn't conveyed actually bothers him until this moment demonstrates that it does bother him, and in that moment the one-dimensional handicapped kid at the beginning of the movie is revealed to have yet another side after...

A Ghost Story   8/01/23
by Omnizoa
After observing some Pre-American settlers killed and decomposed we find ourselves back in the house we started in and Main Ghost starts observing Main Ghost observing Main Girl.

Treasure Island   7/03/23
by Omnizoa
The Disney stand-in for the Ben Gunn character is a disastrously unfunny "comedy relief" character and I've struggled to come into possession of fan edits that specifically edit out his involvement in the movie.

Rosemary's Baby   7/03/23
by Omnizoa
Showed up in a "greatest horror movies of all time" list.

Dawn of the Dead   7/02/23
by Omnizoa
*SPOILERS* While not the first zombie movie, this is definitely the movie that had the biggest influence I think, and that seems strange because I question how much has really carried over into other zombie properties.

Evil Dead II   7/02/23
by Omnizoa
Ash also gets possessed twice in the movie, although both times he's inexplicably cured by sunlight and his memories of a necklace, and this principle isn't echoed any other time in the movie, so super deus ex machina bullshit.

The Evil Dead   7/01/23
by Omnizoa
I do feel like there's a version of this movie that could have been genuinely creepy and atmospheric, but this movie's about as atmospheric as a dozen fog machines.

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