Nightwatch   1/14/15
by MovieMeditation
I think I might have seen bits and pieces of it a long time ago, but even though it is a pretty well known and well-respected danish horror film, I have never watched it in its entirety as far as I can remember.

Suspiria   1/11/15
by MovieMeditation
The very first time I watched this film I wasnt sure exactly what to expect but in fact I ended up being quite impressed with its experimental soundtrack and visuals, as well as the overall feel of the film.

Hellbound: Hellraiser II   1/06/15
by MovieMeditation
I love when the camera in a horror movie acts lively and sort of dwells in various corners and corridors throughout the film (sort what James Wan is doing today as well).

You're Next   1/05/15
by MovieMeditation
I have actually been looking forward to finally watch this film, mainly because I see the director, Adam Wingard, as a great newcomer to the horror genre and cinema in general, and I truly think he has potential to become a memorable moviemaker of this time.

Nightcrawler   1/03/15
by MovieMeditation
And although the title of the film may mislead you, Lou is not a superhero who fights crime, nor does he really belong on the other side of the law he runs around right in the centre of it all, amidst all the chaos, and does everything to get it on film.

Gone Girl   12/22/14
by MovieMeditation
The film has enough mystery and sharp turns to leave you tossing and turning in the cinema seat up to several times, and it is certainly also a movie that will make you think twice about entering into a marriage with the "woman of your life " You have been warned

Mr. Turner   12/03/14
by MovieMeditation
Director and cinematographer have mutually decided, that the benefits of digital film production possess the needed capacities of grasping the life and colours of the film, and practically lift them off of the silver screen.

Boyhood   11/22/14
by MovieMeditation
The film is even maintained on a natural and comfortable level throughout, and despite the 165 minutes of playing time, the film is never boring since theres always a constant evolution in time, with the characters, and in the outside world.

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