Casino   7/17/13
by Masterman
The cast is what really shines for me in Casino, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro are the greatest movie duo ever, and it's no surprise Scorsese used them both in Casino and Goodfellas.

King Kong   7/15/13
by Masterman
Peter Jackson certainly delivered big with this movie, from the very start it's a fantastic adventure ( a bloody long adventure), full of excitement, emotion, action, comedy, everything you would expect from a family movie.

The Avengers   7/15/13
by Masterman
Overall The Avengers isn't a terrible movie, it looks great, and some of the action sequences look amazing.

Basic Instinct   7/14/13
by Masterman
Overall pretty average movie, I won't be watching it again any time soon (well not the full movie anyway), but i may watch it again in time to come.

Warrior   7/12/13
by Masterman
After completing my top 100 favourites, and placing Warrior as my number 1 favourite movie of all time, I thought it was only right I write a review of why I love this movie so much, and why I placed the movie at number 1 on my list.

From Dusk Till Dawn   7/11/13
by Masterman
From Dusk Till Dawn is a movie I've always enjoyed, it's a movie that made my top 100 favourites, and it's a movie I hope will make the Mofo nineties list.

The Rock   7/10/13
by Masterman
Overall Michael Bay can actually make an enjoyable movie, he can actually come up with a story for his movies, and he can actually make a movie without giant robots.....he isn't all that bad.

Die Hard   7/09/13
by Masterman
I wanted to review and share my thoughts on this movie because its a movie everybody seems to enjoy, it's a movie I've seen pop up on alot of top 100 lists, and it's a movie well received by alot of critics .

Adrift   7/08/13
by Masterman
Ime not to sure if this movie is a sequel or just a similar movie to open water, but there is no originality at all, the idea of jumping of a boat into the sea without throwing the ladder over first is something I'd probably do, so it's interesting to watch and think how they would get back on the b...

300   7/07/13
by Masterman
300 is a love it or hate it movie, it's movie that devides opinion with movie fans, which isn't a shock because most of Zack Snyder's work does that.

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