The Amazing Spider-Man   3/19/14
by Masterman
The Amazing Spider-Man was a lot better than the previous Spider-Man trilogy, with some great action, and fantastic shots of Spiderman swinging over the city, all makes for a very strong, and entertaining movie.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa   3/11/14
by Masterman
Overall not a bad movie, it still has some great Knoxville moments, and some funny moments.

A Nightmare on Elm Street   3/03/14
by Masterman
Everything about this movie is very well made, the sound track is terrifying, Freddy Kruger is terrifying, the flipping movie is terrifying.

The Wolf of Wall Street   2/28/14
by Masterman
Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio have teamed up together in 5 movies now, and Wolf Of Wall Street is there masterpiece.

Cloverfield   2/27/14
by Masterman
Cloverfield is a fantastic movie, it's really well made, and the whole movie feels like your experiencing it for yourself.

Man of Steel   2/26/14
by Masterman
Over the course of several month's I've seen a lot of negativity towards Man Of Steel, bad reviews, bad comments, and pure hatred for this movie.

Jurassic Park   2/20/14
by Masterman
Jurassic Park is the monster of monster movies, it's every kids dream park that goes terrifyingly wrong, and what we witness is one fantastic movie, and one entertaining nightmare.

Iron Man 3   2/19/14
by Masterman
The first Iron Man movie is not only one of my favourite comic book movies, but it's also one of my all time favourite movies.

Batman Returns   11/01/13
by Masterman
This is easily the best Batman movie ever made, it's the best comic book movie ever made.

Ted   10/31/13
by Masterman
. Trivia: At one point in the movie, Ted mentions 9/11.

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