Spider Man 2   10/31/04
by John McClane
Marvelís sequel to Spider-Man doesnít disappoint. Itís a job done well by director, Sam Raimi.

Road to Perdition   8/19/04
by John McClane
Whether you like the music, the acting, or the emotional connection of father and son; youíre sure to find something that you like in this movie.

King Arthur   7/07/04
by John McClane
King Arthur gives a different look on the legend of Arthur, Guinevere, the Knights of the Round Table, and Merlin.

The Chronicles of Riddick   6/11/04
by John McClane
I will say that this film is much, much better then itís prequel. It elaborates a lot more on Riddickís past and where he comes from. Itís a fun packed and exciting film thatíll blow your socks off.

The Day after Tomorrow   6/03/04
by John McClane
When I saw the trailer for this film my hopes went up a little bit more and after the movie was finished, I wasnít let down..

The Punisher   4/19/04
by John McClane
If youíre the kind of person that loves action films then Iíd suggest this movie to you.

The Whole Ten Yards   4/15/04
by John McClane
This movie keeps you laughing from the beginning to end which, in my opinion, is hard to do now a days. It has a very weird plot, which has a couple of twists by the way, and a great cast that acts well.

Hidalgo   4/13/04
by John McClane
This movie is based on the true story of the long distance racer Frank Hopkins (Viggo Mortensen) and his horse, Hidalgo. This movie is funny and energetic but, it could be been better.

Star Trek : Nemesis   4/07/04
by John McClane
This Star Trek film has a much better plot then some of the other ones Iíve seen, not as good as The Wrath of Khan though.

Die Hard   3/25/04
by John McClane
We all know what makes Christmas memorable; a bit of eggnog, a roaring fire, and a beautiful snow fall. It's a little bit different with New York officer John McClane though. His idea of Christmas is being trapped in a forty-story building with a handful of German terrorists.

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